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Τα Καραμανλίδικα του Φάνη, στην εφημερίδα New York Times

A few steps away from the market, the #delicatessen of #Karamanlidika serves small plates and shots of #ouzo alongside a heaping #meat board (€16) and #smoked fish (from €5.50) in a restored neo-Classical building.

36 Hours in Athens

By Chaney Kwak

From the ancient #Acropolis to a daring Renzo Piano-designed cultural center, the #Greek capital is luring record numbers of tourists to explore its monuments, new and old.

There are cities that count their age by years; then there’s #Athens, which can tabulate its history by millenniums. From battles and setbacks this ancient metropolis has rebounded again and again, proving itself to be resilient like no other. Sitting on a parfait of civilizations, the Greek capital could easily float on its past glories. But recent additions like the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center prove that this city in the heart of the #Mediterranean isn’t afraid to raise new monuments and leave a bold statement for posterity.

With a dazzling culinary scene firmly grounded in the country’s traditions and soil — not to mention philoxenia, or the Greek notion of loving and welcoming strangers — it’s no surprise that Athens has greeted a record number of tourists this past year. Luckily for us visitors, there’s plenty to experience in this storied city.

6. 12 p.m. The City’s Heart

The ancient agora at the foothill of the Acropolis doesn’t see any commercial action these days, so head instead to the vibrant Varvakeios Central Market, where vendors try to outdo one another’s shouts hawking fresh catches, colorful vegetables and fresh cuts of meat. The unpretentious #butcher-to-plate #restaurants around the market, like Epirus, provide the freshest option to brave a #taste of patsa, tripe stew, or magiritsa, the lamb offal soup reserved for the early hours of Easter elsewhere.

A few steps away from the market, the delicatessen of Karamanlidika serves small plates and shots of #ouzo alongside a heaping #meat board (€16) and #smoked fish (from €5.50) in a restored neo-Classical building. If you’re after an edible souvenir you can legally take home, the nearly century-old Ariana Olives nearby vacuum-packs whatever you choose from the many barrels of preserved drupes.

Source: The New York Times: 36 Hours in Athens

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