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top quality cured meats, smoked cheese …

Travel / We Heart Athens

Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday.

We ‘ve noticed recently that a lot of people who have traveled through #Athens, wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. Why? Because it’s not your typical picturesque holiday destination? Well, if you think that… You’re doing it wrong! Athens has so much to offer. From sight seeing, relaxing, eating to partying. Athens has it all. (And if you’re a cat lover, there are plenty of them to go around too!)

Let me give you some hot tips on places to go in #Athens. Try hating it, I dare you!



This traditional deli / tavern specializes in Greek cuisine from the region of Asia Minor. Ta Karamanlidika have generations of family experience in producing top quality cured meats, smoked cheese, famous for their blends of exotic spices. Enjoy a mixed platter of cold cuts or dive right into their hot platters.
Oh, and their on the house dessert is to die for!

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