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Karamanlidika at the top of the list.
Thank you dearly, all of you, for choosing Karamanlidika by Fanis, among the top places in Athens. Actually Karamanlidika figures as No 1 place in Athens, for Sausage! Karamanlidika is at the top of the list, of The 15 Best Places for Sausage in Athens, on FourSquare. It is wonderful to know you are enjoying your visit at Karamanlidika. Always glad to serve you!

As with “authentic Karamanlidika beef sausage” made by Sary© small-scale production in Drama, we use the same authentic, old Cappadokian sausage recipes, for all our delicacies. Various natural spices and herbs are used for the traditional preservation of sausage – creating the unforgettable tastes of Anatolia, including cumin, scallion, oregano, coriander, chili peppers.

You will find a great variety of hand-made, beech-smoked sausages, made of pure veal, beef, mixed pork and beef, mixed pork and goat and chicken meat, out of carefully selected pieces. Notably all our products comply with ISO standards for food, all methods of production and storage are HACCP certified.

Scallion and oregano sausages grilled, at Karamanlidika by Fanis
Scallion and oregano sausages grilled, at Karamanlidika by Fanis

Fresh kefte sausage, at Karamanlidika by Fanis
Recommended sausage specialty at Karamanlidika: Fresh “kefte” sausage, served, at Karamanlidika by Fanis

Another recommended sausage specialty at Karamanlidika: “Karamanlidika beef” sausage

No 1. in Best Places for Sausage in Athens
Καραμανλίδικα του Φάνη – Overall Score 9.3
Meze Restaurant • Σωκράτους 1 (Ευριπίδου 52), Athens, Attica
Shopping: 07:00 – 21:00
Eating: 12:00 – 23:00

Read our clients testimonials. Thank you all!

Excellent Greek cheese, sausage, beer, service, music, and they can’t smoke 😀
-Viky Bala

This place is often packed, but it’s worth visiting for its excellent variety of Greek cheese and cold cuts.
-Ilias Chantzakos

Amazing service and unique tastes. More than worth the visit. Will repeat!
-Vicki Kolovou

Such an authentic and lovely place!! Here you can enjoy a great variety of Greek charcuterie and cheese in a warm and friendly environment!! Don’t forget to buy some delicacies for home too!!!

Charcuterie & fromagerie “Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani” combines the sales of aged cheese, cold-cuts and gourmet products with the direct delight of traditional tastes
-Basilhs Mastorakis

Fantastic place with delights from the orient
-Lydia Karelioti

Excellent food, authentic restaurant, free Wi-Fi, tap water and courtesy dessert (sweet carrot and yogurt). Great value! I recommend the stuffed Vine leaves and sachanaki, their most popular dish.
-Henrique Xavier

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