Air dried cold-cuts as beef pastirma, pastrami, turkey, ham and fresh, smoked, aged cheese on plateau. Selected from our collection at Karamanlidika, Sokratous 1, Athens.

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The 11 absolute best Athens restaurants

Homey comfort food still rules on this city’s dining scene. But the best Athens restaurants reveal a creative side

By Marissa Tajada and Huw Oliver

3. Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani

Why go? For the traditional Greek deli experience.

This Byzantine pastomageireio, a tavern and deli in one spot, is set in a neoclassical house. Expect an array of Greek cheeses and cold cuts in the deli. The restaurant serves traditional regional dishes, like fried aubergine and zucchini in a Cappadocian sauce or saganaki cheese served with a dried meat called pastourma, beef sausage and eggs.

Price: Mid-range.

Source: The 11 absolute best Athens restaurants