The Eating Guide to Athens, Greece

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Go straight for the specialties – fried sachanaki cheese, pastirma and sudjuk sausages.


#Athens may be known as a city of ancient ruins, but a new wave of #restaurants is bringing a modern take to traditional Greek fare. This is a city where most of its people head out of their house for food – dining out is an everyday affair. We stumbled into a few good eats amidst the chaotic streets.

Look forward to: Greek fusion food


Where: Sokratous 1, Athina 10552, Greece
What: Sudjuk sausages with eggs
For: Cured meats and cheeses

Meander past butcher shops in the alleys to Karamanlidika, where cured meats and cheeses are the stuff people talk about. Don’t be mistaken by its deli-esque storefront. Look for the waiter and you’ll get a seat in the back alley where the locals are found having cured meats with a glass of #wine. Go straight for the specialties – fried #sachanaki #cheese, pastirma and #sudjuk #sausages. Some of these are served with a sunny side up egg in a pan.

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Source, photo: The Eating Guide to Athens, Greece | EatLookTravelbook