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If is true that ‘love passes through stomach’ then, in order for us to truly love Athens, we should pay a visit to its notorious central food market, the

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A tavern that revives recipes from the Byzantine era with spicy, cured meats.

Athens history spans from 2.000 BC to our days, in the 21st century AD. The city never ceased to exist through many different wars, natural disasters and changes in culture and religion. This is why Athens is a unique amalgam of ancient Greek and Roman monuments, byzantine churches of the medieval era and a sheer crossroad for many different cultures from all over the world and from many different historical periods.

An exquisite example of Athens’ cultural diversity and uniqueness is the #tavern ‘Karamanlidika of Fanis’. In a beautiful neoclassic building, at the junction of Socratous and Euripidou Streets, in the historical centre of Athens, we can find an authentic oasis of the byzantine #gastronomy and consequently of the byzantine culture.

‘Karamania’ was an important commercial node between Persia, Middle East and Europe. Caravans from Europe and Asia were meeting there, in order to rest, get more supplies for their long journeys and trade their commodities. It was there, at the byzantine counties of Cappadocia and Cilicia, that this unique and #tasty #cuisine was born. This #tradition is revived nowadays at ‘Karamanlidika of Fanis’.

Special aged #cheeses, unique #sausages, excellent byzantine recipes for exquisite #seasoned beef meat and many other #gastronomical miracles from the byzantine era are awaiting us and promise us a fantastic journey at the lost country of the byzantine gastronomy.

Because Athens is not only the Parthenon!

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