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Perfect for a guys’ night out who are ready to smash a couple of #beers.

Unlike the city of Dubai, #Athens is a city to walk around in. In fact, I would say Athens is a city where you’re supposed to roam around in. Pretty much everything around here is centered around the Acropolis.


Located in Omonia, the more marketplace / Chinatown area, Karamanlidika is famous for its butcher shop appearance, with a few tables available for you to eat on the one thing it’s most popular – #meat. You are surrounded by meat, and you eat meat. Perfect for a guys’ night out, who are ready to smash a couple of #beers.

Located a little north of Psirri.


Karamanlidika: The appetizer that they give you before you’re even properly sat down.


Karamanlidika: This is decoration. This is the bar. This is also the kitchen.

Karamanlidika: We got more.

Karamanlidika: Mixed green salad with “anevato” cheese, spicy salami from Drama & tomato.

Karamanlidika: “Kavourmas” beef meat with potatoes, green & red peppers.

Karamanlidika: “Sachanaki karamanlidiko” with pastirma, from the Karamanlides people & sudjuk from the Constantinople tradition, with eggs & tomato.

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