Meze Restaurant

Meze Restaurant 🍳 “Karamanlidika tou Fani”

“Karamanlidika by Fanis” meze restaurant at 1, Sokratous str., brings you the traditional tastes of Byzantium & Cappadokia. Try our exclusive variety of aged cheese. Specialties include cured, seasoned & aged ham, sausages and pastrami among other fine cold-cuts. You can ask for vacuum packaging, to bring home a culinary souvenir from Greece.

At “Κaramanlidika” you can taste & enjoy on the spot or buy selected delicacies of small scale production, exceptional gourmet, PDO and PGA Greek food products. Suggestions on the menu include salads, cheese & ham varieties, cold and hot dishes & dessert, accompanied by a great selection of distilled beverages, Greek beers & wine of local grape varieties.

We will be glad to serve you!