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Grocery · Restaurant · Fromagerie · Charcuterie

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Grocery · Restaurant · Fromagerie · Charcuterie “Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani” brings you the traditional tastes of Byzantium & Kappadokia, right on your table.

@ Fromagerie you may buy from our carefully selected collection of aged greek cheese.
@ Charcuterie you may taste the awarded “Sary” cold cuts.
@ Grocery you can select from a variety of exceptional gourmet, PDO and PGA food products of small scale, Greek producers.
@ Restaurant, our Menu includes aperitifs, salads, cheese & ham varieties, cold & hot dishes and desert, accompanied by a selection of distilled beverages and wines of local grape varieties. Fish lovers will enjoy Greek cured or smoked fish of high quality, such as anchovies, sardine, eel, trout, salmon and sturgeon.

Specialties include traditionally cured, seasoned and aged ham, pastirma, sujuk, prosciutto, sausages, pastrami, PDO & aged cheese and extra-fine olive oil.

Monday to Saturday:
Restaurant, 12:00 – 23:00
Sales, 08:00 – 21:00

Τα Καραμανλίδικα του Φάνη στο Vimeo. Watch Karamanlidika videos at Vimeo.

Karamanlidika on Vimeo: Τα Καραμανλίδικα του Φάνη στο Vimeo

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