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For #dinner we walked a couple blocks to a highly rated delicatessen in Omonia called Karamanlidika.

We were pleasantly surprised by our meal.

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Accommodations: Airbnb Monastiraki, Athens

I can’t believe we’re actually doing this!

After dropping off our second dog, Miko, with Amit’s parents in Florida, we hopped on a flight to New York to take a red eye to London, and from there fly to Athens. My “luggage” was literally a cardboard box. Amit, wanting me to have the best luggage on the market in the exact color I wanted, located one at a flagship Rimowa store in London. Not wanting to have to ship back another piece of luggage when we arrived in London, practical Amit suggested we ship my contents (everything I own as we circumnavigate the globe) in a box to London. Not a bad idea I thought…until we arrived in New York and the box had split open! Luckily we were able to tape the box back up and it arrived in one piece. We only stayed one night in London but were able to grab dinner and drinks in Chinatown with Auntie Mona before we made our way to Athens.

#Athens was a quick 3 hour flight from London and only requires 1-2 days of exploration before you move onto the Greek Islands. We stayed for two nights. Amit found us an apartment located above a restaurant in Monastiraki. The location of our home for the next couple days was perfect. We were centrally located next to tons of restaurants, cafes, and retail shops. The best part was our sprawling view of the Acropolis from our balcony.

We spent the next day exploring the Acropolis, an ancient citadel containing some of the most influential architecture in the world. Most notable is the Parthenon, a former temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. After baking in the sun at what was possibly the hottest point of the day, we desperately needed to seek refuge in an air conditioned room. So we made our way to the Acropolis Museum, where we cooled off and perused the archaeological remains of the Acropolis. For the remainder of the day we strolled along the streets of Plaka, where there were tons of shops and cafes before heading back to our hotel to rest up before dinner.

For dinner we walked a couple blocks to a highly rated delicatessen in Omonia called Karamanlidika. It was a tiny little restaurant where dozens of sausage links and strands of garlic hung from the ceiling. Luckily we were able to find a seat at the bar and munched on complimentary cured meats and cheese while we waited for a table. We were pleasantly surprised by our meal. The sweet balsamic dressing on our Greek salad and the complimentary yogurt dessert with candied carrots (it taste better than it sounds!) were the standouts.

Tomorrow we fly to Santorini!
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