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Europe Part 1/14: Athens day 1 – astr0nommy

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The food was amazing! Besides that they provided top notched service.

It’s been a while since I last blogged ! I have been planning to do a write up on my trips but countless things have happened since then and prevented me from doing so. It has always been my wish to continue writing partly because i have a really bad memory so I need a way to record the things that I did and the thoughts i have after those experiences. Feelings and emotions fade over time , years later when we look back and reminisce the feelings and thoughts are not as strong as before. Only reading back the thoughts that cross your mind at the exact moment when you pen it down can momentarily take you back. 2015-2016 has been really a crazy and busy period, full of ups & down and twist to every single thing. But I am thankful for the experiences I had and most importantly the support I have from my family and close friends.

It has always been my dream to travel the world , exploring the cobbled stones of every ancient city, experiencing the exotic culture and festivals and also not to mention the mouth watering food which comes along with it ! Last year in May, I got to travel the places I have always wanted to visit , the places I have always dreamed of. It was literally my best summer vacation ever! I got to visit Europe and USA !

I have been waiting for the trip to begin ever since I started planning it with my brother and his friends. Finally the day arrived.
We flew over deserts and seas..


The first stop : Athens !!!

Our friends reached before we did as I had exams much later. I flew off as soon as my papers were over! We reached there in the late afternoon so we did not want to waste any time traveling and lugging our luggage to our accommodation. We grabbed a cab and hit the roads to our accommodation to join the rest of the party. I can still remember how glorious the weather was; it was sunny yet the air was cold and crisp! After a quick change of clothes and footwear ,we hit the roads to explore and take in the sights and sounds of Athens. Our friends brought us to this dessert store called Lukumades to have something light before exploring more! The store basically sells Lukumades which is balls of fried dough with a sauce drizzled over it (Usually it is drizzled with honey). It was really good ! We ordered Lukumades with Bueno sauce

Only much later did I realize its a place to hit when you are in Athens . Thank goodness for our friends ! We roamed around the streets before heading to the parliament house to catch the changing of guards ceremony. Walking along the streets of Athens / Nice Sunset / Parliament House Athens.
The ceremony starts at 7pm local time. So if you are in the vicinity do check it out! It is a slightly different experience from the ones back in Singapore (Where we are from). I guess partially might be due to their unique uniforms and also their marching.

Changing of guards. Mad respect for them! Imagine raising your legs close to 90 degrees throughout the ceremony! It is really tiring!

After the ceremony we finally headed for dinner! So basically in Europe our best friend was TripAdvisor. We always checked out which are the highly raved restaurant/cafe in our area so we can check them out .Our first meal in Athens was at Karamanlidika. They were rated one of the top few on TripAdvisor and we pretty close in proximity to the restaurant. As far as I can recall, we walked from the Parliment House to Karamanlidika.

Karamanlidika-Athens-deli: Handcrafted cheese
Their handcrafted cheese

This is the first real interaction we had with Greeks and I must say they are generally very gracious people. We had a delightful short chat with the owner. The restaurant gave us free starters and desserts. The food was amazing! Besides that they provided top notched service. Nothing to complain! I cannot exactly remember what I had but i know it was good!

Karamanlidika deli-restaurant sells handcrafted sausages too!
Look at all the fresh meat

The only thing i could remember was the dessert because it was unique! Greece is all about Greek Yogurt! So no surprises they served up Yogurt. But it was the toppings which made me go GAGA! Its caramelized carrots drizzled with honey! Usually I am not a fan of carrots because of their distinctive smell which I do not adore. This certainly did not have that ! I loved it! I remember I loved it so much that i said I wanted to recreate it back in Singapore. Sadly that did not happen. Also, did i mention that all Greek yogurt in Greece taste so fresh and good? I did not like Greek Yogurt one bit when i was in Singapore and eating them out from plastic tubs. They tasted like they were loaded with tons of preservatives and smelled funky too.I ate it despite all those because I wanted to be healthy and was on a diet ! I thought back to myself back then that diet food must taste horrible.No wonder its tough to be on a diet. But NO!!! Real and authentic fresh Greek yogurt actually taste really good! Do not be deceived!

Karamanlidika Athens deli-restaurant: Yogurt Dessert
Dessert: Yogurt with caramelized carrot strips drizzled with honey

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