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Air dried cold-cuts as beef pastirma, pastrami, turkey, ham and fresh, smoked, aged cheese on plateau. Selected from our collection at Karamanlidika, Sokratous 1, Athens.

Timeout: absolute best Athens restaurants


The 11 absolute best Athens restaurants Homey comfort food still rules on this city’s dining scene. But the best Athens restaurants reveal a creative side By Marissa Tajada and Huw Oliver … 3. Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani Why go? For the traditional Greek deli experience. This Byzantine pastomageireio, a tavern and deli in one spot, is […]

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Restarting services – Staying Safe!


Dear friends and customers, we would like to inform you that the Karamanlidika Restaurants -the “Food Artistry restaurant” at Ermou street and the “Meze Restaurant” at Sokratous street- are now open as of June 2, 2020. We stand by you, applying all measures and best practices provided by the National Food Agency (EFET), following international and […]

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Greece’s Athenian Adventure – Life & Thyme


In Athens, Greece, an ancient city is sprinkled with modern food options that visitors will find satisfying at any time of the day. Lunch Lunch in Athens is late by American or Northern European standards, anywhere between one p.m. to four p.m.. For a visitor, one’s day will likely revolve around sightseeing, but even within the […]

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Odýsseia: She Sails to Athens | plomaipel


One of those butcher shops, on the corner of Socratous street (Euripides and Socrates!) is Karamanlidika. … They use market-fresh ingredients and the charcuterie and cheeses they sell to make scrumptious small dishes and full entrees. … And then I wanted more jewels! But although the Benaki has an excellent shop, I was due to meet […]

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Greece’s culinary awards


Magazine Gastronomos rewards excellence. And our one-day-food tour of Athens… … 2.05 p.m. – It’s getting late. Time for a new snack. The right place is Karamanlidika (1, Sokratous & Evripidou Street, Tel: +30.210.3254184). They’ll serve trays full of the best products that a #delicatessen can offer. They have a particularly good selection of products from […]

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Karamanlidika on Sky Scanner


Reviews on Karamanlidika Athens, Greece restaurant on Skyscanner. Average rating is 9.2. Popular with: #Foodies #Family #Travellers #Nightlife #Lovers #Adventure #Travellers #Greece / #Athens / #Restaurants / #Karamanlidika Skyscanner helps you find places to stay, eat or play that are perfect for you. Source: – Karamanlidika

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The Eating Guide to Athens, Greece


Go straight for the specialties – fried sachanaki cheese, pastirma and sudjuk sausages. Greece #Athens may be known as a city of ancient ruins, but a new wave of #restaurants is bringing a modern take to traditional Greek fare. This is a city where most of its people head out of their house for food – […]

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10 Things No One Tells You About… Athens, Greece


… any dish at this atmospheric Greek deli will get those taste buds dancing … Athens #Athens is the birthplace of democracy and home to some truly epic archaeological sites, but you already knew that. Yes, the Acropolis is magnificent, but the coolest things in the bustling Greek capital are sometimes right where you least expect […]

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Athens – InSightseeing


… a delicious feast of meats and cheeses … … we would recommend that you prioritize Karamanlidika over any other eatery while in Athens. Athens We visited Greece in the summer of 2015 before embarking on a cruise from Athens through some Greek islands to Istanbul. Our family decided to fly into Athens two days before […]

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48 Hours in Athens, Greece – Careful Feet


It was all very #fresh, in a way that we don’t get in Britain and especially in America, and so so so flavorful. 48 Hours in #Athens, #Greece I’ve had a burning desire to go to Greece for some time now. The opportunity to go to Athens arose through work. Then, my friend A. from grad […]

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