Back to Flavour – Karamanlidika among the finest deli-taverns in Athens

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Cycladia | Tourism insight: Back to Flavour

As soon as you reach the centre of #Athens you will be seduced by the aromatic symphony of #herbs and #spices, the cinnamon from the cookies in bakeries, the curry from the Indian street food, the #cumin and #chili from the #spice racks and the oregano from the #Greek #salad at some #restaurant you just passed.

It’s then when you realize that food always #tastes better at its source just like the cheese you taste before buying at the groceries. It’s simply delicious! But when the time comes to serve it for dinner it never tastes the same.

Some exquisite #delis where inspired by this belief and decided to create a tasteful corner within the deli so that customers could enjoy their delicacies right then and there.

Cycladia has gathered for you the finest deli-taverns in #Athens and guides you through the basics of #flavour.

Karamanlidika among the finest deli-taverns in Athens

02: Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani

Combining the know-how with quality and tradition, this deli in the heart of #Athens has managed to offer its customers prime #delicacies from the Greek land.
Sokratous 1 & Evripidou, Varvakios market, tel: +30 210 3254 184

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