Sokratous 1 & Evripidou 52. Athens shopping: Karamanlidika by Fanis

Athenian shopping obsession – Evripidou street | kouzina cooking

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‘Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani’ is a real gem, serving some of the best quality and most traditional of Greek products in a completely unpretentious way.

In a beautifully restored neo-classical house, is another #food treasure, and one new to me, ‘Ta #Karamanlidika Tou Fani’, a little taverna with a fantastic #deli counter.

The menu includes #pastourma and #soutzouki but does not stop there. The pureed #chickpea salad – it’s definitely not hummus – is creamy and sharp. The #bulgur salad is refreshing and counterbalances the richness of the cured meat dishes perfectly.


Not to be missed are the #pastirma pies – ‘#pastirmadopitákia‘ – and the little pans of something resembling huevos rancheros – here the eggs are baked in a tomato and #soutzouk stew. The house wine is excellent but on a cold winter’s day, the perfect beverage is a glass or two of the beautifully smooth but strong house #tsipouro. The kind lady of the house always serves a complimentary plate of yoghourt and carrot spoon-sweet for pudding.

‘Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani’ is a real gem, serving some of the best #quality and most #traditional of #Greek products in a completely unpretentious way.

And with that, I say a fond farewell to #Athens, for the time being. I will, of course, be back.

Athens shopping: Karamanlidika, Sokratous 1 & Evripidou 52

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Source: Athenian shopping obsession – Evripidou Street | kouzina