Wandering bananas - Karamanlidika restaurant, Athens

An Athenian Weekend – Wandering Bananas

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… #enjoyed a #delightful #meat platter for lunch with a giant bowl of #salad. The restaurant was called #Karamanlidika …

In October Richard and I had a quick #Greek getaway. Check out the incredible things we saw while in #Athens!

The last day was beginning to feel like a total dud but things improved when we returned to civilization and enjoyed a delightful meat platter for lunch with a giant bowl of salad. The restaurant was called Karamanlidika and sat in a particularly bustling part of town with a lot of Chinese shops – perhaps the local Chinatown? To work off the meats we climbed up to Mount Lycabettus which is the tallest point in Athens (277 meters). It was very windy up there, enough to challenge our balance! From the top you could see just how sprawling the city was, look across to the Parthenon, and see the undulating geography of the area. Things always look remarkably beautiful from above.

Wandering bananas - view from Lycabettus hill, Athens

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Wandering Bananas: The adventures of two Kiwi’s throwing themselves into the world.

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