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A walk in #Athens by switzerlandSarah

Next, over to what I’m sure was Mike’s favorite part of the tour: #Karamanlidika, a shop and restaurant where we shared a meat and #cheese plate featuring #pastirma (dried meat cured in a thick crust of #herbs and #salt–YUM!) in both beef and camel varieties; some slices of something closely akin to American-style #pastrami (also YUM); a local #salami; some thinly-sliced #cured beef tongue (shockingly delicious and non-creepy); and a couple of cheeses, names forgotten, but one of which was actually aged in the skin of the goat from which it came. (Tasty, but quite an intense and tangy flavor.) And also, some little fried meat #pies filled with #pasturma and tomatoes, served with a #yogurt dip, which together may be ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I’VE EVER EATEN. (The others in our group laughed and laughed at the look on my face, but I think I won them over with my ridiculous American enthusiasm for their #food.)

Heaven on earth: the meats and #cheeses counter at Karamanlidika.

The surprising little alleyway oasis behind Karamanlidika where we ate.

Behold, the #pastirma meat #pies. My mouth is actually watering as I type.

Gorgeous meats-n-cheeses plate with little garlic toasts.

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