10 Things No One Tells You About… Athens, Greece

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… any dish at this atmospheric Greek deli will get those taste buds dancing …


#Athens is the birthplace of democracy and home to some truly epic archaeological sites, but you already knew that. Yes, the Acropolis is magnificent, but the coolest things in the bustling Greek capital are sometimes right where you least expect them. Here’s the lowdown on where to find the best views, cool cocktails, secret museums and other local favorites.

Go Beyond the Gyro

You won’t have to go very far for a good gyro in Athens, but #pastourma, or Greek pastrami, takes street #food to the next level. The best place to try it is at Karamanlidika in the spice market area. Proprietor Fanis Theodoropoulos will cheerfully remind you that #pastrami is a word with Greek roots, and that the best comes from prime brined camel meat — though other meats will do —that’s seasoned with #Fenugreek. And while any dish at this atmospheric Greek #deli will get those taste buds dancing, definitely try the fried Caramanli — it’s eggy and tomato-y, and a delightfully Hellenic take on Israeli shakshuka.

Pastourma, or Greek pastrami, finds it way into street food in Athens but the best spot to try it is here, at the Karamanlidika deli. The fried Caramanli is delicious.

My favorite place to try Greek pastrami is at the Karamanlidika deli.

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