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We fused experience, quality and tradition at our stores, in the centre of Athens, bringing to life a Byzantine pastomageireio – an eatery specialising in charcuterie and all kinds of preserved meats. At “Karamanlidika tou Fani” we sell a wide range of exceptional products but we also serve in our traditional mezes for your immediate enjoyment.

The inhabitants of Cappadocia and Cilicia in Asia Minor were called Karamanlides by the Ottomans and their country was Karamania. The Karamanlides retained the flavours of their food and cooking, preserving them through many centuries as part of their culture and traditions alongside their written language and religion. Situated as they were at a commercial hub between Persia, the Middle East and Europe, they introduced the salted meats and the charcuterie (the paston and the teracheumenous colines) of the Ionian Greeks to the Romans; they supplied the acropaston and the butili of the Byzantine Empire to the Ottomans, combining the spices of the East and the excess of meats available due to trade caravans with the need to provide food for travellers.

Today at “Karamanlidika tou Fani” you get to savour authentic recipes of the Karamanlides and to buy products from the Sary charcuterie workshops, produced by Paraskevas Sarimbogias in Drama in Northern Greece. We reproduce the flavours of the past using patience and knowledge, honouring our roots that stretch back into the depths of history.

Visit us in our refurbished, neoclassical buildings, where either in our air-conditioned rooms or our dedicated inner yard, you can enjoy exceptional karamanlidiko pastourma and Soutzouki, authentic karamanlidika sausages and a variety of traditional meze (or small bites). We also supply a choice of select aged cheeses, aged charcuterie, award-winning roasted, smoked and traditional products that we either make ourselves or source from small producers from all over Greece. We also offer pastrami from Drama, beef shank, hams, mouchtero and village sausages.

We specialise in a variety of high quality pastourmas, kavourmas, soutzouki and products which have been aged, which vary in taste and origin, but all of a level that satisfies even the most discerning gourmet. Choose from a vast range of matured gourmet products, cheeses with a protected designation of origin (PDO or DOC) or protected geographical indication (PGI) and gustatory products selected for you to enjoy and share.

We look forward to seeing you.

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