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Karamanlidika 是一爿位于雅典和谐广场 (Omonia Square) 最大露天菜市之中的平民小餐厅。 露天菜市和雅典唐人街的地理位置部分重叠,而 Karamanlidika 就位于两者重叠之处,占据着 一 个不怎么显眼的街角。 若非因为馆子里挂满了琳琅满目的各色香肠和总是人满的半开放小厅,路过时不经意就会将其忽略。

这家小馆子前后去过不下三次,因为离住的地方不远,算得上是“楼下街口拐角的小饭馆”了。 馆子人气很高,每次去只要接近饭点,厅里座位总是满满当当。 有四人一桌,有二人一桌,也有吧台。 坐在吧台可以看到里面的厨子忙活着做菜。 再里面有一道小门,门内是长长的小院落,供摆露天桌椅。

厅的中间是一个马蹄形的玻璃台子,专门出售各类香肠奶酪。 成串的红色肠子从天花板挂下来,把整个馆子都映得如火如荼,正如此地的生意一般。

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坐下以后按照惯例侍应会端来一大罐子水和面包,顺便把菜单递过来,菜单有希腊文版和英文版。前餐着吃过一道凉拌青口贝,酸味儿比较重,应该用醋腌过。 另一道冷秋葵也是同理。

最爱点熏鱼。很简单的摆盘,两片番茄、几片黄瓜,中间摆着半生腌制过的长形鱼块,再洒一撮香料。 鱼不光一种,有三文鱼、鳟鱼、鳗鱼和希腊各种湖鱼。

#Beef #Kavourma 是这里很受欢迎的一道菜。 由土豆、番椒、香肠和牛肉加香料在小铁锅子里炒制而成,吃起来很香也够味儿,但我们觉得这道菜的食材有烤过的嫌疑。 还有一道号称“君士但丁堡传统菜肴”,由鸡蛋、西红柿加香肠做的,若不是因为加了香肠,吃起来真像我国传统的西红柿炒鸡蛋,不一样的是君士但丁的鸡蛋还是半生的。

整体味道偏咸,属于“下饭”佳肴,所以要配面包一起嚼,均衡味觉。 饭毕来一道小甜品,菜单里只有两道,一道 #baklava,蜂蜜千层糕。 一道土耳其 Kunefe,是夹着一层热奶酪的酥油饼,就像千层糕一样甜得渗人同时很好吃。 一顿饭下来,一人花销十元出头,两人二十多即可拿下。

#Kunefe 的卖相还是很诱人的

碰到店家心情好,会收到加送的开胃小点或者甜品。 大部分时间是牛肉火腿片加奶酪,或甜胡萝卜丝配希腊酸奶。

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新鲜美味的食材、低廉的价格、位于当地平民生活的心脏地带、热情的服务和无拘无束的轻松氛围,这一切都构成了这家看似不起眼的小馆独特的风格,令来自各地的游人趋之若鹜。 想尝试传统菜肴的你可别错过了。

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Jinのtasting hall ☂

✈ Greek Life Essay island tour · photo · Slow Food ۩

Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani · welcomed by the public civilians eateries · Omonia food market

Semi-open storefront

Karamanlidika is a harmonious place located in Athens (Omonoia Square) the largest open-air food market among civilians small restaurant. Location part open-air food market and #Athens #Chinatown overlap and Karamanlidika is located between the two overlap, occupy a very prominent corner. If not because of the crack with a dazzling array of colors covered with sausage and always full of people half-open small room, passing inadvertently will be ignored.

Been around this small restaurant no less than three times as far from a place to live, it is regarded as a “small corner restaurant downstairs corner” of the. Very popular restaurant, every time I go as long as nearly a meal point seat hall is always full to the brim. There are four table, there are two table, but also the bar. Sit at the bar inside the cook can see past men cooking. Then, too, there was a small door, the door is long, a small courtyard, outdoor tables and chairs for the pendulum.

Middle hall is a horseshoe-shaped glass table, specifically the sale of all types of #sausage & #cheese. Clusters of red intestines hanging down from the ceiling, the entire restaurant was reflected in full swing, as the place of business in general.

By convention will sit down after the waiter returned with a large pot of water and bread, by the way, handing me the menu, the menu in Greek and English. Before eating a meal of mussels salad, sour heavy children, should marinated with vinegar. Another cold okra is the same reason.

Point favorite #smoked fish. Very simple Wobble, two tomatoes, a few slices of cucumber, marinated half stood in the middle of the elongated steak, then sprinkle a pinch of spice. Only one kind of fish, there are #salmon, #trout, #eels and Greece various lake #fish.

#Beef #Kavourma is a very popular dish here. Add the #potatoes, #chili, #sausage and #beef #spices in a small frying pan yard, eat very fragrant also what it used to, but we think this dish ingredients have toasted suspect. There is a so-called “traditional dishes Constantinople” by the eggs, tomatoes sausage do, if it is because the addition of #sausage, tastes really like our traditional tomato scrambled #eggs, not the same as Constantinople’s or undercooked #eggs.

Overall taste salty, a “rice” dishes, so to chew together with bread, balanced taste. Complete meal to a small dessert menu only prescribe, a baklava, honey millefiori. A Turkish Kunefe, is sandwiched between a layer of hot cheese butter cake, as sweet as Lapis penetrate while good to eat. A meal down, a person spending ten yuan to succeed, they can be won over twenty.

… #Kunefe will sell still very attractive

Hit stores in a good mood, you will receive threw the hors d’oeuvres or #dessert. Most of the time plus beef ham #cheese, or sweet carrots with Greek yogurt.

Delicious fresh ingredients, low prices, located in the heart of the local civilian life, friendly service and relaxed atmosphere of unrestrained, all this constitutes a seemingly insignificant Kodate this unique style, so that visitors from around the world flock . You want to try traditional dishes can not miss.

Block child cheese prices in Europe and down 7
Right gray-green ash tree is a special cheese
And other vegetables during the videotaping other tables dishes ~
Had also provided rice roll grape leaves oh
Interesting enthusiastic staff team.

Address: Sokratous 1 & Evripidou 52, Athens

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